Pics / Vids

Southland Roller Derby – Beginner’s Open Night 2019

Southland Roller Derby – Beginner’s Open Night 2018

Belfast City Rockets – Rookie Bout

Photos by: 2nd Shooter

St Patrick’s Day Parade, Waterford City


12525192_1671907296406154_4455937079525374549_o 1914555_1671907556406128_7137129583674700809_n 12832495_1671907709739446_2612493894305986188_n

10903901_1671909043072646_5209479951160431652_o 12144665_1671908246406059_6176697359799735521_n 12045616_1671909279739289_4609942424189376346_o

1898051_1671907923072758_1177832002793859172_n 10307229_1671908396406044_1710732341861757968_n

10455347_1671908536406030_5545265052437840419_n 1604421_1671908726406011_5437039158040669600_n

Photo of our Buccaneer’s taken by: Georgina Ni Mhurchu


Photos by Colin Shanahan – DigiCol Photography & Media Productions –

12794865_1026166284104082_6926898055099352132_o 12027367_1026177664102944_8486520179248114120_o

Southland’s First Beginner’s Training – May 2015

10409399_1591641061099445_8201710016578453753_n  11220944_1591641181099433_7001414955484148308_n

11014845_1591641301099421_943154065511979115_n  11350673_1591641221099429_3547936279986577952_n


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