Full Derby Bundle – Skates & Protective Gear

Cheapest: Basic skates & protective gear CLICK HERE

Next Best:  Upgraded Riedell skates with basic protective gear CLICK HERE


Cheapest Individual Skates

Cheapest Skates: Sizes 3, 4, 5, & 6 only (they’re advertised junior but they’re adults) €46.80 – OUT OF STOCK

SureGrip Skates: Sold in US size but range from UK Adult 3 – 9. Check size with Knox before buy €110 CLICK HERE

Reidell Skates: Sold in US size but range from UK Adult 1 – 13. Check size with Knox before buy €116CLICK HERE


Cheapest Protective Gear only Bundles

Protective Pads:  Sizes S, M, L & XL  – €29.95   CLICK HERE

Helmet: comes in sizes S & M from Sports Direct – €14.40 – CLICK HERE

Mouth Guards

Cheapest: standard heat mouldable mouth guard available to buy at training for €5 (Ask Knox)

Recommended: SISU breathable & heat mouldable mouth guard CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

Toe Stops

Recommended:  Bionic Bigfoot Toe Stops – CLICK HERE

Padded Shorts / Tailbone Protection

Tailbone Protector: All-purpose grade padding surrounds a sturdy nylon core shank – CLICK HERE

Padded Shorts: Triple 8 Bumsaver – knee length CLICK HERE

Padded Shorts: Triple 8 Bumsaver – booty shorts CLICK HERE

Protective Gear – UPGRADES

Knee Pads: TSG – Knee Support – CLICK HERE  or Smith “Scabs” Knee Pads – CLICK HERE

Knee Pad GASKETS: Smith’s – To wear under your knee pads to stop them from slipping – CLICK HERE

Wrist Guards:  Ennui Brace – CLICK HERE  /  Pro-Designed CLICK HERE

Helmets: TSG Helmet – CLICK HERES1 Lifer Helmet – CLICK HERE

Wheels (Indoor)

Cheapest: Octo Edge Wheels (92a) – Sold as pack of 4 so you need to order 2 packs (8 wheels) CLICK HERE

Cheapest: Atom Super G Wheels (91a) – Sold as pack of 4 so you need 2 packs (8 wheels)  CLICK HERE

Recommended: Radar Halo (91a) – Sold as pack of 4 so you need 2 packs – YELLOW CLICK HERE

BEARINGS: All wheels require 2 bearings per wheel that are not included in purchase. When purchasing wheels, you must also purchase 16 bearings.  These are the cheapest bearings online – Roller Bones (pack of 16) – CLICK HERE

Check out this video from James in Skate Britain explaining wheels and what the numbers mean! The wheels we recommend for our sports court in Kingfisher are any of the following 90a, 91a, or 92a – WATCH VIDEO

Wheels (Outdoor)

Best Value: Airwaves (78a) – Sold as pack of 8 so u only need to order 1 pack (get with Abec 5 bearings) – CLICK HERE


Skate Tool: To change/loosen/tighten Wheels & Toe Stops – CLICK HERE

Toe Protectors: Roller Stuff toe caps & guards – CLICK HERE

Laces: Roller Stuff metallic skate laces – CLICK HERE

Wheel Nuts:  Assortment of colours for axle nuts (Pack of 8) – CLICK HERE

Gear Bag: Rookie Backpack incl. Skates compartment – CLICK HERE

Replacement Skate Parts

Toe Stop Nut: Lock nut to keep the toe stop on – CLICK HERE

Toe Stop Washer:  Washer for the lock nut above – CLICK HERE

Wheel Nut: standard SINGLE axle nut for your wheel CLICK HERE

Wheel Nuts: standard axle nuts for your wheels (Pack of 8) – CLICK HERE

Kingpin:  comes with nut also – CLICK HERE