Summer Skate Skills for Absolute Beginners!

This summer, Southland Sirens will be running a 4 week Absolute Beginners Summer Skating skills programme to get you feeling confident on Roller Skates! The programme is for over 18s, all genders and for beginners who’ve always wanted to learn the basics of roller skating. This is the perfect opportunity to safely learn the skills required to take on the Waterford Greenway or any of the beautiful locations nearby!

Our classes are indoors in our fabulous training venue, Kingfisher Club on the Tramore Road and they’ll run every Thursday 7-9pm from 30th June for 4 weeks.

The programme will include the following skills and much more!
* Learning to stop (super important!)
* How to fall safely
* Basic Strides
* Weaving Left & Right
* Backwards Skating and lots more awesome skills!

PLEASE NOTE: All participants must wear full protective gear such as Helmet, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards & Knee Pads (safety is our priority!) and skates must be Quad Roller Skates and not Inline Skates.

If you do not have your own skates & protective gear, we have a limited number of sets we can provide to you for the duration of the programme!

If you have your own skates & protective gear, it’s €40 for the full programme.

If you do not have skates & protective gear, it’s €50 for the full programme incl. loan of skates/gear

Finally, if you’re interested in participating in the programme, and will need skates & gear, send us a private message on our Facebook or Instagram pages or email with your shoe size and we’ll let you know if we have your size! 



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Summer Skate Skills for Absolute Beginners in Waterford!

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