Beginner’s Skating – Free Open Night 2019!

WE’RE RECRUITING! If you’re interested in learning to skate and playing Roller Derby, come along to our FREE Open Night in KINGFISHER CLUB, Tramore Rd, Waterford on Tuesday, 12th March 2019 @ 8pm!

Our league has two teams, Southland Sirens and Southland Buccaneers, so we train all genders over 18. Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE on skates required.

We’ll teach you everything from the very start. We weren’t born with wheels on our feet but some of us spent our childhood on skates and some of us NEVER wore a pair of skates but it’s never too late to give it a go!

So how about you take the chance and come along on the 12th and have a look to see what exactly we do and maybe try on a pair of skates!

Bring friends if you’re nervous to come on your own but we’re a welcoming bunch!

Check out our Facebook event for more info…


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